Plenty of 4003,  4001, and  4003 Fat Boy 4003V2 (And a limited number of 90mm  4001S in stock )
                                  ( The 4001C64 and 4001V63 - are a limited run special order)  
                                   (I currently have ONE   4001V63  available!)
Shipping in the USA $4.50 - Worldwide through Ebay only  (Sorry but VAT and shipping issues made this necessary)
Please look into any "VAT" or Customs fees you may incur with a purchase, if you are outside the USA.
They are outside of my control.
     Note: No longer shipping to The Russian Federation (sorry!)
All 4003 editions Now  in  Clear - White - Black - and Frost. 

New ! The "Fat Boy" Edition 4003 -   Same as the classic version but 3/8 inch thick...(classic is 1/4 inch thick)
This is available in response to some users who loved their classic but thought one "just a bit thicker" would be

awesome. FatBoy is also in White Black Clear and Frost.

New! The 4003V2 for the 2015/2016 Ric 4003 new guard design.

OK,  So What Is It?
A custom thumb rest for the Rickenbacker bass. With  ZERO modification addition to your bass! 
The 4001 model and 4003 model are each custom made for that bass . Very close, but not quite interchangeable,
if you want the fit and look 100% .....Other models MUST use the appropriate version - See notes below.

If you are a fingerstyle player with a Rickenbacker 4001 or 4003, you know  there is no really good place to
"hang your thumb" - You see many Rics with a wear spot at the corner of the pickguard,  where players try to
"dig in", and many Rics with the chrome cover removed from the bridge pickup to allow finger style access.
I designed this for my own 4003 as I wanted to make it more comfortable to play and keep the "cover on"
 as the classic look that is a big part of this bass for many Ric fans. 

This thumb rest is made out of one quarter inch thick high quality dead clear polycarbonate,
and precision CNC made in a machine shop here in the USA.
The position and design mean NO NEW HOLES in your bass!
Includes two Fender-style pick guard screws which are somewhat longer than the stock Ric screws,
so you do not even change the screw holes by adding this on.

Invisible on a black or white guard from a few feet away. Pics show this clear rest on my white 4003
and the same clear rest, against a piece of black pick guard stock, for comparison. 
The third and fourth pics are the Frost Edition
I include a 7 day money back guarantee (minus return shipping).

RIC PARTICULARS - Due to variations in models and years and the EXACT FIT these are made to,
                                        it is not possible to offer a "one size fits all" version - Believe me it would make my
                                        life easier! We have a few out on Tokai Ric copies now and they fit well.

The 4003 model, fits most 4003, older two piece guards work better with 4001 model rest - Fits 4003S as well.
IF YOU HAVE A 2015,16, 17, 18 Ric you may need the new 4003V2 - This is for the asymmetrical corner guard 
on the newest Rics.

The 4001 model
, fits the 1975 and onward bass -As a rule not for 1974  - and earlier.
The transition went across the model years -1975 through 1978 - so you need to measure.
Please check your neck pickup - if it is about an inch from the fingerboard, the 4001 unit should fit.
If your 4001 has the neck pickup close (about 1/2 inch) from the fingerboard - Thiswill (likely)not fit!

Will it Fit? Best Method -  measure the distance between the two screws  - (screw center to screw center)
- the ones above the neck pickup that you would use to mount the thumb rest - 84mm is a regular 4003 
85mm is a newer style 4001, and 87mm on the older style 4001 and some of the custom models.
I am still working on one for this prior rendition 4001, as of now, 
I can hand dress an 85mm 4001 version to fit the older Ric 87mm 4001 - no extra charge - email me.

The 4001S bass is yet again different - on more recent ones,  the standard 4001 model seems to fit,
others require the 90mm custom version I do have available - email me about it!.
The  4001C64  edition - Special order - email for availability before buying!
The  4001V63 edition -  Special order - email for availability before buying!

I may request you send a cell phone pic of your bass to verify version and fit.
Take the pic dead on - over the neck pickup - from about 2 feet away.

Please specify Model when ordering.-

PLEASE  feel  FREE  to  email me about your Ric before ordering  !!!
Glad to answer any questions.  And  ALWAYS looking to pick up more information on model variations.


The NEW 4003V2 for the 2015,16,17, 18  Ric


      See BELOW

For pictures of the versions available