‚ÄčThere are MANY sorts of Jazz Basses!
We cover most with the Jazz 1 Jazz 2 and Jazz 3  we also do custom versions.

New - Now available in black

Our newest version, made of a high quality acrylic, same CNC excellence!

Same price as clear.

Here is A Zero-Mod in Action

Troy Hughes, top shelf bassist and one of the best lesson video providers on You Tube, is also a fan and Zero-Mod user! Here he is playing his Geddy Lee Jazz

The Fender Jazz Bass "jazz-1" Edition

In response to requests from Ric owners for a Fender version, we came up with this. Like the Zero Mod for Ric, it requires NO new holes and uses the existing pickguard screw holes to give you a thumb rest with solid feel and great range of position!. THE answer for many versions including the Geddy Lee, Mexican, and American Jazz. Just check the pic below to see if your pickguard screw pattern is compatible with the Zero-Mod Jazz