The PB1​V2 - More ergonomic aggressive styling

The 51' P Bass / Tele Bass Edition

Can be Modded to fit Fender Rascal Bass!

A tricky one! We make these in 64mm and 75mm for
the Jaguar Bass. BUT if you have a one piece guard
WITHOUT the roller controls (the new USA Jaguar)
neither of our units fit that version of the bass

The MM Stingray edition


Fits the Ernie Ball Music Man 4 string Stingray,
also fits the Sub Edition - just make sure you have 70mm between the two screws.

This Fits the Classic Edition 5 string!!!

The 5 string version for  Ernie Ball with the controls on the pick guard
is down below.

The "PB-1" for FendeR

Precision Style Bass

Finally out of the machine shop and available!
Fits many  of the Precision Bass models - As
long as you have a single pickguard screw between
the neck and your pickups as shown in these pics.
The same size and location as the classic Fender
thumb rest! Easy on - Easy off - No new holes

The Fender Jazz Edition

Demand from our customers is answered with this new addition!
It will fit The Geddy Lee, American, and Mexican edition Jazz bass.
Just check your pickguard mounting screw pattern first.  We now
have it in Black!

The 4003

The 4003 comes in Clear - Black - White,
or Frost finish, and fits all 4003 basses..

Measure the distance for support using these screws

In use on a Stingray -

The SR-2C  for 5 string Stingray with Tear Drop guard

The Black version  (SR-1B)

Here the SR1 on a 5 string Classic Ray

The 4003 "fat boy"

In response to our users,  we upped the 1/4 inch
thick  Classic to 3/8 inch thick. Same CNC polycarbonate.
ALSO available in Black White or Frost.

The 4001

For the  4001 bass. The Ric 4001 basses 1977 and older  may sometimes need the 87mm edition (a special order). We also have versions to fit the 4001C64 and 4001V63 as a custom order. Comes in Clear, Frost, or Black.


The Sterling Stingray Edition

The Jaguar Bass Edition

In Clear and Black - Fits many Lakland Sadowsky Sandberg Mike Lull and other high end Jazz basses.

Many versions of Stingray - Only THIS guard shape requires THIS model
measure as shown - You MAY need the SR1 rest (70mm)

And the new 4003V2 for 2015 2016 Rics