The newest !
The PB2V2 - combines features of the very popular PB1V2 and the PB2

PB2 Fit Chart

The PB2 is set to 103mm the slot version
accommodates 101mm to 105mm

The PB1 in action

The PB1 - Which has the classic Fender block shape and size - In Clear or Black

Zero-Mod PB1 , PB1V2, PB2  

Both PB1 and PB1V2 can be modified upon request and at no extra charge to fit anodized guards

The PB2V2GB - Maximum pocket!
Funk pockets fore and aft of the pickup.
Use same fit chart as PB2

FIT DIAGRAM - There are MANY P Bass guard patterns - Our unit ONLY FITS THIS ONE - You need THIS screw hole in this location to use the PB1

The PB1V2 - Which has an aggressive ergonomic style

We have three models - Two fit the same and offer a different feel - They fit most P Basses both

actual Fender Precision and many others - See the "fit diagram" below to see if we can work for you!
‚ÄčThe PB2 is all together different - made for those wanting to be near the bridge.  PB
1 units are $34
PB1V2 is $35  The PB2 and PBT are $37 The PB2V2GB is $40