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"CL" denotes clear
"BL" denotes black "W" denotes white

4003 (CL W or BL) - $26.00  plus $4.00 shipping USA  $.13.00 International

4003V2 (Cl or W) Fits only new style guard - $26 plus $4.00 shipping $10.00 International
4001  (CL or BL) - $26.00  plus $4.00 shipping USA   $13.00 International

4003 FatBoy (CL W or BL) - $31.00 plus $4.00 shipping  USA  $13.00 International

4003V2 FatBoy in( CL or W)  -$32.00 plus $4.00 shipping USA $13 International

4001V63 - $35.00 plus $4.00 shipping USA $13.00 International

4001C64 - $35.00 plus $4.00 shipping USA $13.00 International
"Jazz-1" (CL or BL)  - $34.00 plus $4.00 shipping  USA  $13.00 International
"Jazz- 2" (CL or BL)  - $34.00 Plus $4.00 shipping USA  $13.00 International
Stingray "SR-1CL" or SR-1BL  -  $34.00 Plus Shipping

Stingray "SR-2CL" or "SR-2BL" - $34.00 Plus Shipping

Precision Bass "PB-1" - $34.00 Plus Shipping
P1V2"  (CL or BL) -$35.00 Plus Shipping
"PB2" " PB2V2" -  $37.00 Plus Shipping
"PB2V2GB" is $40.00 Plus Shipping
51' P Bass / Tele Bass -  $37.00 Plus Shipping (Clear only -Ebay and Direct buy only)
Sterling Stingray Bass -  $35.00 Plus Shipping (Clear or Black - Ebay and Direct buy only)
Jaguar Bass (64mm or 75mm) - $22.00 Plus Shipping (Clear only - Ebay and Direct buy only)

Jack Casady Bass - $34.00 Plus Shipping (Clear only -  Ebay and Direct buy only  )

Fender Mustang  MSTG1  - $37.00 Plus Shipping - (Black or Clear  - Ebay and Direct buy only  )

 On ALL models  - Clear , Black,  White or Frost finish -same price

4001V63 and 4001C64 come in Clear and Frost only....
The P Bass Jazz  and Stingray are in Clear or Black  ONLY

Combined shipping on multiple orders is fine - Apologies for outrageous International rates but the USPS keeps jacking them up and now forces us to ship this tiny item

as a "package".